Flying Cars, Business Bibs, and Biting Pandas

9/20/06 2:13 PM 0 Comments

Rick's Johnsdale is on vacation, so I thought I'd give you a news briefing instead. Here's the best news I could find today:

Flying Cars
Apparently, there have been some new ideas concerning flying and driving. How about a car that transform into a plane and back to a car? This makes me want to get a sports pilot license.

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Business Bibs
If you telecommute to work, you need to be up on the latest in work-from-home wear - especially if you video conference. This just shows that it takes a lot of work and cold hard cash ($135 to $150) to be extremely lazy.

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Biting Pandas
GU GU VS. ZHANG (far right)

In this case, it was a person biting a panda after the panda bit him. My favorite part of the article was this quote:

The Beijing Youth Daily quoted Zhang as saying that he had seen pandas on television and "they seemed to get along well with people."

Apparently this guy has been watching cartoons or pandas and their trusted keepers. You would have thought the fact that he was jumping into an enclosure with a 600 pound bear would have tipped him off, even if he didn't notice the signs saying "For safety please do not jump over the railing".

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