Tolkien Fans Can Now Live Like a Hobbitt

9/21/06 10:06 AM 0 Comments

Die-hard Tolkien fans can now choose to live in their very own Hobbitt-tat*. It will require a move to Bend, Oregon, but that may not pose a challenge for enthusiasts.

The new property development uses modern materials to create an authentic “Tolkien” look. The homes feature period appropriate cottages, townhouses built to look like a Hobbitt Village, and maintenance storage that resembles Hobbit homes complete with round doors.

Obviously, the LOTR trilogy still has untapped cash cow potential. In fact...

Real Estate Devlopment Opportunity!

Get in on the ground floor of a new lucrative development project. Death Star and Minas Tirith condos already have a large market. All that is needed is a few architects, designers, investors, contractors, Lords of the Sith, and Kings of Gondor to get this project off the ground. If you might be interested in joining our project, please visit us here.

* - © Shawed, 2006


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