How To Replace Battery in DM1219 Accutime Watch

Did you buy an Accutime LED watch with a rubber band that has now stopped working? Do you need to replace or remove the watch’s battery? Is the model number on the back of the watch case DM1219? Then this post is for you!

  1. Very gently push one of the holding pins through the rubber watch band to free one corner of the plastic watch case
  2. Gently push / pull the same pin through the rubber watch band at the second corner, being careful not to secure the first corner again
  3. You should now have one side detached from the band
  4. Flip the plastic watch case away from the band allowing the other pin to keep the plastic case secured to the rubber watch band
  5. Gently remove the plastic bag enclosed watch circuit board from the plastic case
  6. One side of the circuit board has the LED holes in shapes of 8s and the Home button
  7. Flip over the circuit board and you will see the battery and a diode on the other side
  8. Examine the plastic bag to locate the sealed edge and gently push the circuit board out of the open end
  9. Using a small flat head screwdriver, gently push the plastic retaining crescent on the battery toward the open crescent gap while gently prying the CR2016 battery up
  10. The battery should pop out 
  11. Take a new CR2016 battery and gently push it into the empty battery compartment in the same orientation as the battery just removed
  12. Place the circuit board back into the plastic bag enclosure
  13. Gently push the circuit board back into its retaining compartment in the plastic case, being sure to have the Home button aligned to be at the bottom of the rubber watch face and the LED display aligned to the top of the watch face
  14. Swing the plastic case back into the rubber watch band
  15. Secure one corner by gently pushing the retaining pin back through the rubber band’s pin hole
  16. Once the first corner has the pin protruding on the outside of the rubber band’s pin hole, pull the pin out to align the other side of the pin with the second pin hole
  17. Gently pushing the other side of the pin back through the band’s other pin hole
  18. The watch should now be reassembled back to it original condition
  19. Press the home button to verify the LED display lights up and shows numbers
  20. Use the Home button to reset the date and time by holding the button down for a few seconds, and cycling through the setting options
You have now completed the battery replacement and the watch should be functioning as it originally functioned.

If time permits, pictures will be added to these instructions, but with these basic steps, batteries can be replaced and the watch can continue to function. 

See Facebook Friends Not Facebook Pages in News Feed

Thanks to some inspiration from a Gizmodo article, I was finally able to reclaim my Facebook News Feed. Now, if you want to do the same, I'm going to tell you how.

Taking It Back

   So, it's been a while since I have made a substantial post here at No Disintegrations, and when I came up with the title "Taking It Back" for the first entry into ND version 3, I immediately thought of this quote:

"Yeah, but you know what? This one, this one right here, this was my dream, my wish, and it didn't come true. So I'm takin' it back. I'm takin' 'em all back." 
~Mouth, The Goonies

Now, I'm not a big fan of The Goonies movie (I've only seen it once or twice all the way through, and only as an adult), but that scene definitely conveys the emotion that has prevented me from writing here more in the last three years, and why I'm taking it back up now.

SDCC Prep - Custom Arrow Shoes

 I decided to make some custom Arrow shoes to wear to San Diego Comic-Con this year. I'm hoping Warner Brothers, The CW, D.C. Comics, and Stephen Amell will excuse the infringements of a fan, and that maybe this will inspire some more merchandise from the franchise for Arrow. Enjoy!

Geeks, Nerds, Gamers, etc. Buy a Dictionary or a Thesaurus

I read a post on Facebook today that a friend commented on that really made me step back and think for a minute. I had sworn an oath to myself that the next post I wrote for this blog would be about Teen Wolf (TV show), but now I find myself forced to delay it once more to speak out on a topic that I think needs addressed - labeling.

I really like sci-fi, fantasy, computers, cats, and... (wait for it)... (wait for it)... CW TV shows (other TV shows too). I read tons of articles, posts, and reviews or memes of all of these things. I think about them all the time. I talk about them with such enthusiasm that people have labeled me a "geek", a "nerd", and who knows what else. I have news for everyone - I AM ME.

It's as simple as that. Most people have a desire to find commonalities with others and to belong to a group. While I definitely enjoy talking about things I like with people who like the same things, I could care less about whether or not I belong to any given group. Period.