Trannie Travolta

9/14/06 11:26 AM 2 Comments

John Travolta will be cross-dressing for a remake of the 1988 classic Hairspray. Travolta will be playing the mother (Edna) in the 2007 version.

I think he makes a very convincing woman, don't you? Except for the manly hands that is.


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Anarchy23 said...

I feel the need to comment on this, because of my deep friendship with John. Or JT as I call him. I feel as though there is sort of a sarcastic tone in dre's posting, and I'd hate to think she'd say anything hurtful about JT! Scientology and Battlefield Earth aside, he's a great guy.
How do I know JT, you ask? It's quite a tale...let's just say it involved a blizzard, a bar, and Bangor, Maine...

dre222 said...

No sarcasm here, as I admire JT. JT is definitely recognizable as a dude in this pic though. I think it will be interesting seeing him play this role since I enjoyed the original so much. BTW, I'm actually a fan. My faves of JT's movies are: Michael, Phenomenon, Primary Colors, Grease, SNF, Pulp Fiction, Broken Arrow, and LWT. I must hear the story of how you became so close sometime.