TSA Safety Measures

8/10/06 5:08 PM 0 Comments

If you've looked at any news today, then you've heard that TSA is now banning all liquids and gels in carry-on luggage for all flights. The only exceptions to this are medications and baby formula. Why? To prevent terrorist attacks of course.

I doubt that any TSA officials read this blog (or anyone else for that matter), but today I figured out a sure-fire way to stop terrorist attacks on flights - don't let anything on board. This would, of course, have to include people, all luggage, pets, and crew. The only flights safe from terrorists are the flights that don't happen. If there's nothing on a flight and there is no flight, then it's safe to say that no terrorist attack will happen on that flight.

An excerpt from AOL's
article on the subject shows that at least one person isn't afraid of terrorist attacks:

Security also was stepped up at train stations serving airports across Britain, said British Transport Police spokeswoman Jan O'Neill. At London's Victoria Station, police patrolled platforms with bomb-sniffing dogs as passengers boarded trains carrying clear plastic bags.

Margaret Gavin, 67, waiting to board a train, said she wasn't scared. "Why should I change my life because some idiots want to blow something up?" she said.

Congrats Margaret on being the smartest frickin' person on the planet right now. I am in no way being sarcastic to Ms. Gavin by saying this. I'm going to let the clueless in on a little secret today.

Since the advent of mass communications, this country no longer relies on government or law officials to keep its citizens under control. What it now relies on is fear mongering. Fear mongering occurs on every news broadcast, in every newspaper, and all over the 'net. Basically it works on the principle that if people are scared enough, they will do anything. This doesn't mean that everyone is a chicken. It means that the government (who regulates almost every medium of mass communication) realizes that self-preservation is one of humanity's strongest instincts. The world is a bad, bad place. By making us aware of every single instance of "bad", we are sure that something needs to be done to stop it. In this case, the something is another 1 cm bandage on a wound 1,000 miles wide.

Did anyone ever think that maybe these terrorists come up with worse schemes to make sure that they get the attention they desire? The more competition (crimes reported) for attention there is, the worse they have to be to be noticed. It's already affecting the way serial killers operate. In order to make a decent headline, they're now teaming up, which has not been a common thing in the past.

This idea of restricting (*cough* punishing) everyone because of one person for the greater good has got to stop. From what I've seen, the terrorists are the only ones doing any kind of creative problem solving. They are finding loopholes in regulations and restrictions everywhere. Maybe a better use of our resources would be soliciting the masterminds behind these schemes for ways to solve the underlying problems that are causing them to act out.

No, wait, that almost makes sense. Forget I mentioned any of this...


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