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MANSFIELD, Ohio (AP) - In stunning turn of events for fans, Ronn Moss (noted actor on "The Bold and the Beautiful" and part-time musician) lashed out at a fan site posted on Moss was quoted as writing, "You're not doing me any favors."

The fan site which has been in operation much longer than Moss's own MySpace page, chronicles his website and Moss's other endeavours. The fan site pokes fun at Moss's tagline "Blue Skies", his wardrobe, and his fashion accessories. While the fansite claims to be Moss, it should be obvious to any visitor that the site is a parody. The site talks about obssesions with grandma sweaters and women’s earrings.

Moss sent an angry message to the site that read:

Would you be kind enough to tell me who you are, and why you put up a myspace site in my name. I have my own site on myspace and don't really appreciate you putting this one up because it confuses my fans.

If you're a fan, you're not doing me any favors having this site.

sincerely, Ronn Moss (the real one)

In the past, the fan site has confused Moss’s friends and fooled many others into believing they are interacting with the real Moss. Peter Beckett, a friend of Moss, also contacted the site before Moss launched his own page. Beckett was quoted as writing, “IMPOSTER! I know Ronn and this is not his page.”

While Moss may not appreciate a fan impersonating him, this is a common occurrence on MySpace. If Moss knew anything about MySpace, he would know that these matters can be solved by contacting the service provider and requesting the site be removed. He would need to verify his identity, but it could be done. Moss also fails to realize that the fan site was established long before his own page. He seems to think this page is a response or fascimile of his page.

Frequent visitor to the fan site, Black Beard of the Salt Sea, gave us this exclusive statement:

“Moss thinks he’s cool and savvy on his website and his MySpace page. Long before he entered the MySpace realm, the fan site was created. The site obviously mocks him, so his fans should not be confused with his real page. Also, the address for his MySpace page is posted on his website. So, how could they be confused? Moss’s page has existed alongside the fan site for several months now before coming to his attention. This just proves that he’s not as technologically cool and savvy as he belives he is.

The fan site has given him free, albeit twisted, publicity and he should be thanking them for bringing his name into the realm of public discussion – not lashing out like a spoiled child. This guy’s like almost 50, and has only succeeded as a leading actor on one of TV’s shortest daytime dramas.

In a video clip on his website, Moss talks about the demands on his schedule and alludes to leaving the show (B&B) that has supported his lifestyle for almost 20 years. This shows he has a history of threatening to bite the hand that feeds him. He also lashed out at the show in an interview with a soap magazine about the storyline his character was given. He was surly and whining during the whole interview. Moss has become a prima donna when he should be realizing that he’s past his prime.”

Fan site officials could not be reached for a statement at the time of this publication, but rumors abound about what the site will do in response to Moss’s stern message. Popular theories include: revamping the page to make it an obvious fansite, abandoning the page, or adding clear wording to the display name of the site. Site addicts are pushing for a change to the display name so the site is not removed from MySpace. They would like the page to be changed from “Ronn Moss” to “Ronn Moss: A Fan Page”. Other suggestions for renaming the site have been proposed, such as: “Ronn Moss’s Evil Twin”, “Ronn vs. Ridge”, and “Ronn Moss: Is He Cool?”.

Only time will tell what’s in store for the fan site and what actions Moss will take against the site.

Rick’s Johnsdale holds a BSJ from OU and is a long-time contributor to Shawed. Johnsdale resides in Ohio with his wife, son, and dog named Mort.

* This article and Rick's Johnsdale are in no way affiliated with the Associated Press and do not claim to be. This article is based on actual events and electronic messages and was created for humorous purposes only.


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Anonymous said...

Ronn Moss is 54/55 if he's a day.
He admits to 54 but he stayed 52 for two or three years.