Ways of the Net

7/21/06 12:40 PM 0 Comments

Well, I know the blog has been lacking in updates lately, so instead of posting another rant, I thought I'd give everyone an update. My unemployment is officially over and I now have 3 jobs. I am happily working every day in the fields of retail, merchandising, and manufacturing IT. Instead of going out and working on one of these this morning and then working tonight, I decided to take the morning off and continue my one job per day streak until next Wednesday. It looks like the first job-free day I will have will be next Saturday. Extreme fun.

So what am I doing with with my lack of free time? I'm counting on several other folks to entertain me online. TD has posted some excellent blogs lately, as has the Shoe Guy. My MySpace circle has been quiet lately, as I imagine everyone is getting out and enjoying the summer weather. My other blog sites have been whirling away: Gather, FilmBloggers (currently not open to non-members, and not accepting new ones), and Oh No They Didn't. I haven't had much time to keep up with what's going on on these though.

I've been learning the ways of the Whedon-verse by faithfully watching Buffy and Angel in my free hours. I've also been watching a lot of movies provided by Blockbuster Online's free trial. I have to say that their service is pretty cool. I pick a bunch of movies online, they send them to me, I drop them back in my mailbox and they send me more. It will be hard to give up when the trial's over.

I haven't been reading as much (one book is lasting this time), but when school starts again, I'm sure I'll get back into it. I have attended Origins (and pissed off industry folks) and the Ohio Star Wars Collector Club Summer Social. Also went to a party here and finally met some local folks, which was cool.

As summer draws to a close, I'm looking forward to GenCon, and a bunch of weddings. I'm hoping to find a day soon to make it to the Star Wars COSI exhibit (if anyone is interested in tagging along, let me know).

Right now the BBOTSS movie is on hold until I have some more free time, but I'm hoping to release it before Halloween. I've also been working on piecing together some new BBOTSS travel logues, and a couple of short stories.


“If you don’t turn your life into a story, you just become a part of someone else’s story.” – The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents