Legends of Dope Road Part 2

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Wanna meet up at Dope Road?

Usually gatherings at Dope Road began in Cardinal's parking lot. Our town was about one mile long with a straight stretch as the main drag. There were convenient turn-a-rounds located at either end. One of these was usually a car wash and the other was Cardinal's. Back roading could get lonely at times, so a quick pass through town to see who was out usually happened several times a night. If we saw someone we wanted to hang out with, we'd pull into to the side parking lot of Cardinal's and wait for them to come through again. When they did we'd flash our lights or honk.

The person we were signaling would pull up and then we'd roll down the window or get out. Occasionally the person wouldn't see us and we'd miss them for the night or have to wait until they came through town again. If someone had some beer or wanted to burn one, then Dope Road was about the closest spot.

If there were too many people for one car, both cars would head out of town. We'd turn on to Dope Road at normal speed in case there was someone (like cops) sitting out there. Then we'd pull about halfway down the road and park. Lots of times we'd run into someone else who was already out there doing the same thing. We used to have places like this all around. Everyone knew about the same spots, so it wasn't a surprise to find someone else we partied with out there. Who we were supposed to meet up with, how many supplies we had, and who was out there usually determined how long we'd stay at Dope Road. Whenever we saw lights coming down the road on a car we couldn't recognize, we'd all get in our cars. If it was someone cool, we'd get back out and talk, but if it was someone we didn't know we'd just drive off and meet at Cardinal's again.

While we were at Dope Road, someone would put on a CD and then we'd just get f---ed up. Back in those days, the beer was Busch Light (30 pack), King Cobra (99¢ a 40), or some times Bud. Liquor was Goldenschlager, Ice 101, or Fire Water. Cigarettes were usually Marlboro Lights, but sometimes Marlboro Reds or Kamel Reds. (Luckily the local cruise-through thought the legal age for smoking was the same as getting a driver's license or riding with someone who did). The herb was greenish-brown and came in quarters. There were some other fun things out there too (that made the cornfields way more interesting), but I won't go into all of them.

Most of the cars were standard first cars - hand-me-downs, used, or our parent's. The one who earned the best nickname was a wood paneled wagon dubbed the "Shaggin' Wagon". Props to my friend who made the best of driving that beast.

Usually we'd spend at least a few minutes each weekend on Dope Road. Nights when we met somone out there, we'd stay around an hour or so.

Next time we'll get into some crazy back road adventures that may or may not have taken place at some point on Dope Road. (The memories can get fuzzy and mixed up sometimes). If I can remember where they took place I'll list it. Dope Road wasn't the only spot ya know.

*The characters, events, locations, and everything else in the Legends of Dope Road may or may not be factual. These events may have happened to any number of people I know, or me. Please do not ask for factual information regarding these blogs, as you will not receive it. I have altered names, locations, events, etc to protect the scandalous. These blogs may be fact or fiction, but will be entertaining.


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