Legends of Dope Road Part 1

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Before beginning the Legends of Dope Road series, I would like to post this disclaimer:

The characters, events, locations, and everything else in the Legends of Dope Road may or may not be factual. These events may have happened to any number of people I know, or me. Please do not ask for factual information regarding these blogs, as you will not receive it. I have altered names, locations, events, etc to protect the scandalous. These blogs may be fact or fiction, but will be entertaining.

Location, location, location

We didn’t build Dope Road, we found it. In our small town that consisted of approximately 5 traffic lights, 3 national fast food chain restaurants, and more gas stations than people, the back roads were a popular high school hangout. Our town was located in the corner of Halfman County and bordered on Reed and Fargo counties. When we were doing some serious partying, this was useful information to know. Being able to cross jurisdiction lines in case of trouble with the 5-0 was an important factor in many back road route choices. By these standards, Dope Road had it all.

Dope Road was roughly 5 miles out of town off of two minor area roads. One road was two lanes (but had no edge lines) and the other was a 1 ½ lane road (yes they build them that size) that contained mostly houses. Dope Road was a gravel lane that accessed both of these roads. It was bordered on one side by a cornfield and on the other (between it and the bigger road) by a strand of trees. This gravel heaven was just inside Fargo County and was about 2 miles from the Halfman County line. 8 minutes and some good back roading experience could take you from Dope Road to Reed County. The gravel lane was probably originally intended for the use of farming implements. Besides being extremely close to the tri-county lines, it had two entrances. These two entrances came in handy many times, considering the popularity of the spot and the bored sheriffs in our area.

This lane had no name, but was christened “Dope Road” with booze, smoke, and urine. Almost every weekend night, you could run out to Dope Road and run into someone you knew. A few summer nights had 10-15 different cars there with at least 2 passengers each. Not bad for a gravel lane in the middle of cornfields. It was an easy cruise through to check out who had stopped and continue on the back road routes. It was also a convenient place to stop and do some partying when you got tired of driving.

Either the year after I graduated from high school or the next, Dope Road was officially closed by some giant cement barriers. I guess we had a little too much fun there. I hope that these blogs will help to keep the memories (however fuzzy they may be) of the ultimate back road spot alive.

Next time Legends of Dope Road will continue with an average night. Later, we will explore more scandalous back road endeavors that may have taken place at Dope Road.


“If you don’t turn your life into a story, you just become a part of someone else’s story.” – The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents