Legends of Dope Road Part 3

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Fun and Games

At Dope Road and other local back roads and back road spots, many crazy activities took place. In order to give you a good idea of the craziness, I have compiled some of the incidents.

Truth or Dare – “Dare”

Almost everyone knows what Truth or Dare is. For those who don’t, it involves asking someone to pick between answering any question they are asked truthfully (no matter how embarrassing) or choosing a Dare to avoid answering uncomfortable questions. A dare usually involves something humiliating or removing some sort of clothing. We always played this way: if a person chooses Truth, and then refuses to answer the question, they have to do an extra bad dare to make up for it. We usually had some beer and guys and girls in these games. This resulted in actually played “Dare” as alcohol lower inhibitions. At times we wouldn’t even give Truth as an option because it was no fun. Let’s just say these games mostly ended with the whole group naked (or very close to naked) grinding on a dark back road.

Freeze Out

A good game for the winter time was one called freeze out. We played this in mixed company also. Basically guys and girls would strip down to their undies and we’d roll the car windows down. The last person to put their clothes back on won. Not a very imaginative game, but it was a good excuse for everyone to check everyone else out.

Smashing Mailboxes /Stealing Road Signs

The only point of interest in this is that I actually saw someone attempt this with a wooden bat and saw the mailbox get the better of the bat.

The road signs never re-surfaced until college. My roomie and I actually got yelled at for having a “Men at Work” sign in our apartment by the maintenance people. We made sure to take it down whenever they came in to fix things after that. One night, it disappeared into the Athens Hills. We believed that were we setting it free to run home to the ODOT station.

While this story did not take place at Dope Road, it is one of the most memorable.

Ambush at The Circle

The Circle was another back road hot spot. It was a little turn around located right across the Reed county line. One night, we decided to head out there to get loaded. Because we had a lot of people, we took two cars. My friend was driving the lead car and put on her turn signal to go into The Circle. We noticed a car coming the other way and slowing down as we turned, but didn’t think much about it until we saw the red and blue flashing.

We knew then it was the 5-0 and I stashed some incriminating evidence under the front seat. My friend in the back had a half O and we were sweating bullets waiting for the Sheriff to walk up. He asked us what we were doing and we told him we’d gotten lost and were turning around. Naturally he was suspicious. He asked what was in the bags in the backseat. My friend told him it was trash. He asked if he could see them and we said sure. He only looked through one before he realized we were telling the truth. Luckily, our second car had seen that it was 5-0 and went on by The Circle. The Sheriff told us that kids came out there to drink and that’s why he stopped us. He said he’d follow us out. Thankfully we had kept our cool, and since he couldn’t prove we didn’t take a wrong turn he had to let us go. We were also lucky it was early in the night and we hadn’t been partying yet.

Our friends were waiting when we pulled into Cardinal’s (after we drove around a bit to throw off the 5-0). They were FREAKING. They told us they had visions of jail cells and handcuffs. We told them what went down and then laughed about it. We decided to try a safer place, so we wouldn’t have to worry about it for the rest of the night.

*The characters, events, locations, and everything else in the Legends of Dope Road may or may not be factual. These events may have happened to any number of people I know, or me. Please do not ask for factual information regarding


“If you don’t turn your life into a story, you just become a part of someone else’s story.” – The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents


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