Snow Way! Ghost Hunting and the Scariest Places

10/12/06 1:49 PM 1 Comments

The first snow of the season made an appearance today. It's not sticking, but it's really cold with the wind.

The Ghost Hunters season premiere was last night. They investigated the Birdcage Theater in Tombstone, AZ. They caught a good EVP and some footage of an extension cord lifting in the sir by itself. Jason and Grant saw a full-bodied apparition, but they weren't able to catch it on film. If the season keeps going like this, it's going to be a good one.

Last night during the show, I saw an ad that asked folks to tell TAPS where they'd like them to investigate next. I went to the SciFi website today to throw in my two cents on that, but I couldn't find the place to tell them. Anyway, my vote is for Athens, OH - specifically the Ridges and West Green. I've heard a lot of stories about that place, and after living there for four years and getting the creepies occasionally, I'd like to see what they could find. After ABC's Scariest Places on Earth upset so many folks down there, it may be hard for them to get permission to investigate.

SciFi has a pretty awesome new header graphic for the Ghost Hunters you can see below (You might have to refresh the page to get the full effect):

On a side note, ABC will be showing Scariest Places on Earth again on October 29, 2006 starting at noon. They're running an all day marathon and then premiering a new episode at 8 pm. If you haven't seen this show, it's kinda cool. They just tell the legends and have Linda Blair read in a creepy voice. This show is not about proving the existence of the hauntings, but more about scaring viewers. It's not even close to the scientific quality of the Ghost Hunters, but it's a fun show to watch.

Last but not least, a new photo of an alleged thylacine has surfaced. You can check it out at Cryptomundo, read the comments and decide for yourself. Comment, please?


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Scariest Places update! I liked that show alot. As far as GH season 3 goes, I couldn't see the cable on the bell worth a crap. Maybe tonight something will be visible...