Get Your Dog Drunk! (Sort of)

6/1/06 10:16 PM 0 Comments

"Happy Tail Ale Non-Alcoholic Beer for Dogs

Share a beer with your best friend! A new treat blended with malted barley and beef drippings for a unique taste. Non-alcoholic and non-carbonated. Our hand-crafted Happy Tail Ale is made with almost the same ingredients as your favorite beer, with a few extras as well.

We’ve blended malted barley and filtered water with natural beef drippings to create a unique taste especially for your best friend. Because we want this beer for dogs to be healthy as well, we also added Vitamin E and Glucosamine for a shiny coat and strong joints.

We also took lengthy steps to pasteurize our brew, to insure that it won’t ferment. And, because bubbles can give your dog tummy problems, we’ve made our Happy Tail Ale non-carbonated. So, when you want to give your dog a treat, instead of grabbing another hard bland cookie, reach for an ice-cold beer…Beer for Dogs!"

So, I'm checking my usual emails from stores I buy things at, and I run across the newest revolution in the pet industry - O'Douls for Dogs. Since I now frequent pet stores again (has to do with the new job), I will be keeping my eye on this one. If I see any dogs lingering outside with Happy Tail Ale in brown paper sacks, you'll read it here. Available at for those who would like to contribute to the delinquency of dogs.


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