Apple finally succumbs to Microsoft

4/10/06 8:13 PM 0 Comments

After years of feuding over who has the best computers and who has the best operating system, Apple has finally given in to the Microsoft demands of consumers. Soon Mac users will be able to run Windows on their machines. (If the importance of this move is lost on you already, please crawl back under your rock and we'll summon you when something less "tech" happens).

Apple has recently enjoyed about a 5% market share when it comes to selling Macs and iPods. PCs have been enjoying 95% of the market share due to the emerging "Microsoft Standard" in the business world. Until now, Mac users could only run MS programs using a terminal emulator - think really, really slow Word.

Apple is not ditching the Mac OS, but enhancing it with what they call "Boot Camp" which will allow users to choose the Mac OS or the Windows OS when booting up. They just released the beta version of this software, but are planning on integrating it into their new OS dubbed "Leopard". (Here is where I give Apple props for choosing a f-ing awesome OS name. Given Leopard or dorky Windows, by name only, which is cooler?).

Basically what this means is that Apple stock is now climbing and Slaves to Gates finally have another option when it comes to computer purchasing. Finally, freedom from being forced to buy a PC. Before everyone joins hands and cries out in ecstatic joy, you should read the details and my predictions on how this will affect the Computer Future.

Apple says:
  1. You must buy your own Windows. Windows must be purchased seperately and be installed by the user. It will not be pre-installed on Macs. Besides asking you to cough up another couple hundred bucks, this may deter technophobes from utilizing Boot Camp. Apple is trying to reassure these folks that installation will be an easy process, but who really believes that anything involving installations is 100% easy?
  2. Apple will not provide support for Windows. You must still deal with Bill and the boys when it comes to Windows problems.

Dre says:

  1. One operating system can be frustrating, two could be maddening. Better research some cozy insane asylums before jumping into Leopard pre-testing.
  2. Apple hardware enjoys kudos due to a small market base. It's really easy to fix problems and provide support when you are only tapping into 5% of the market. How will Apple do with more?
  3. One Mac advantage is less exploitation from hackers, spyware, and other malicious programs. Again, this is because these programmers want to hit the widespread majority. If the scales tip, I'll wager anyone reading this $5 that "all of a sudden" malicious programs begin attacking the Mac OS. If the programmers are lazy, they will use known exploits in Windows and attack Leopard in that way. (Poor, poor kitty).
  4. Linux or Lindows (Linux based Windows) will become the new OS of the Rebel Alliance. Some people just fight the fight for the underdog no matter what. In the new world, Mac and Windows will split the 95% and Linux will capture the 5% share it desperately needs to stay alive. Think I'm crazy? Look at the Firefox cult.
  5. Within the next 20 years, Apple and Microsoft will form a strategic business alliance (codename for a monopoly) that will enslave all computer users to one golden god - Micro-Apple. (Research SBC and its strategic alliances, and you will see that you may be an SBC or affiliate consumer without realizing it).

Anyway you look at it, this could be the biggest news to hit the tech world this decade. For those of you who forgot to get me a birthday present, I will now gladly accept Apple shares. (You can buy them a single share at a time if you Google it).


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