Your horrible grammer makes me ill

12/16/05 4:24 PM 0 Comments

I read people's profile, and am shawed(shocked and awed) at the absolute butchering of the English language. I'm not saying that I have impeccable grammer skills, but I do manage to spell out words. Complete ones. For an example, here is a blog someone wrote. I'm just using this one as an example of the many ones that I have seen.

" yeah ok i dont understand people y do people have to talk shit about a other person that so fuck middle school fucking grow the fuck up if u have somethign to say to a other person fucking tell them to there face not behind there back or in a boxc or t o other people that so childlish bullshit so next person that talk shit abou t me or my family i swaer with everthink inme i will beat your fucking ass and im not scared of nooone ok if u dont like what i had to ay them fuck and take me off your my space and thank u and have grat fucking day bitchessssssssss"

Yeah, let's count the errors together, friends. Or maybe not..that might take too long. Does anyone see any puncuation? No? Neither did I. I personally think that the internet has made people lazy about their communication skills. It makes me wonder what it's doing to people's intelligence as well. Use spell check, or hey!, maybe actually go back and reread your shit when you're done. There's a thought!
And end rant.


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