You cheated at what?

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There is a popular drinking game called Power Hour. For those of you who do not know the simple rules, you take a shot of beer every 60 seconds for 60 minutes. There is also a continuation of this game called Century Club, which is 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes. A group of my friends and myself decided to play Power Hour. We made it through power hour successfully, and the newcomer to the group said he wanted to play Century Club. His only stipulation was that we had to do it with him. That's ok, because who wants to drink alone? Apparently, he(Newbie) was taking half shots throughout the game. What is the point of cheating at a drinking game? Honestly! The whole point of a drinking game is to get really shitty with a group of friends.


The beautiful MisHou (or Citizen as I call her) is right on this one folks. Before posting this incriminating blog and ruining the rep of Newbie, we decided to interrogate him. I saw him taking half-shots late in the game when I was pouring for him; this may or may not have been intentional. He claims to have been competing fairly and has challenged us to a rematch. I think we are all up for it on the condition that Newbie uses a clear shot glass this time; although I would like to request that Pregremlin think about creating a new CD sometime in the future. If the Sitcom Gang is going to make this a regular function, I want some damn variety. Newbie, we'll take you at your word this time.

Here's my thoughts on cheating at drinking games for any folks out there that practice this: Cheating at a drinking game is about as useless as putting on a condom after sex. There's no freakin' point. If you need to take a break (we're back to the drinking game here, not sex), or slow down, people will accept this without question. I'm of the opinion that most everyone hates puke. Slowing down and taking breaks does not make you look like a loser, no matter what the hard-asses say. It makes you look like an intelligent individual who understands their body and their body's current drinking abilities (since these can vary each night). I have taken breaks during Power Hour myself. I always end up drinking too fast and then needing to chill, but I always try to catch up (and usually succeed).

So the contributors to Shawed have this tip for folks new to drinking games: NEVER EVER CHEAT. Quitting, slowing down, and taking breaks are all acceptable alternatives.

PS For folks who have thus far been bored or dismayed at the lack of posts to this blog, fear not. An abundance of free time is in the works, so posts will increase.
~dre222 (AKA BBOTSS)


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