More Driving Pondering

8/30/07 5:00 PM , 0 Comments

An odd thought occurred to me as I faced the onslaught of school-related traffic this afternoon. Why is it that the people picking up their children from school and the people educating them are the ones speeding through school zones? This seems like it defeats the purpose of the speed limits to protect their children, and "Hello!" it's their children they are putting in danger with this behavior.

Also, why do more and more people run pink lights (lights that are yellow and a micro-second away from turning red)? If I remember correctly the driving handbook you're testing on when getting your license advises you to slow to a stop when you approach and intersection with a yellow light.

I'm beginning to think that everyone (not just the elderly) should have to take the driving test over again every ten years to get their license renewed.


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