Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band

8/30/07 6:00 PM , 0 Comments

With the new game Rock Band coming out from MTV, I'm wondering how it will stack up to Guitar Hero. The base part of the game is being developed by Harmonix, who developed Guitar Hero. I feel like MTV is stepping in and cutting off the obvious expansions for Guitar Hero. Granted, Red Octane had no official plans to take the game to this level (and definitely not the revenue that MTV has), but the whole evolution of these games has shady roots to begin with so I don't feel too sorry for them. I do have to say that the song listing known to date definitely has a lot better selections (in my opinion) than the first two installments of GH had. The fact that this game is being developed for new platforms as well as PS2, and includes download-able songs and online interaction, bodes well for its perspective sales. With a US release estimated as being during November of 2007, this is sure to be a hot Christmas item. To date, no official pricing scheme has been released.


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