Horror Movies

8/30/07 12:00 PM , , 0 Comments

As a somewhat avid horror fan, I have to say that I have been disappointed lately with most of the horror offerings. Please realize that I am talking about straight up horror movies, not psychological thrillers (that later become classified as drama or action). While some violence and death is expected in all horror movies, there has been a recent turn toward self-indulged gore. A good example of this would be Hostel.

Where is the suspense? Where are the story lines that keep me awake at night because I can't get what I've just seen out of my head? Why do filmmakers assume that because I like to be scared, I want to see someone slowly disemboweled?

Give me more movies like Silver Bullet, Army of Darkness, Slither (which does unfortunately have some super gross parts), Kingdom of the Spiders, The Exorcist, or The Ring. You don't have to make me physically ill, just give me a good suspenseful scare. With the rise in TV shows about the supernatural, I think this shouldn't be too hard and there's obviously a market for it. It doesn't have to be "based on true events" or even show any blood. Just a decent plot with a believable Big Bad. With the new special effects available, this should be one genre that really takes off, but instead it's taking a turn for the worse.


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