8/30/07 11:00 AM , 2 Comments

Yes, as you may have realized I am cheating a bit on this blog-athon. Unfortunately I have other responsibilities that require me to be away from my PC at certain times of the day, such as work and classes. So, I am manipulating timestamps to honor my commitment of one blog per hour all day. But hey, you're still getting 24 posts aren't you?

Occasionally, cheating skills come in handy. Some examples are: cleaning, reading, and answering questions. While I am not encouraging you to cheat on your taxes, in your classes, or in any other way that may involve some sort of repercussions, the previous examples are good ways to cheat. You can save yourself time and money by learning to cut corners in how you clean. You can save your sanity and increase your reading comprehension by looking up words you don't understand or know the meaning of while reading. You can also become an indispensable employee by learning how to find answers to questions you don't know quickly when asked a question. The key to cheating is to know when and in what scenario it is appropriate.


“If you don’t turn your life into a story, you just become a part of someone else’s story.” – The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents


Unknown said...

Are you sleeping?

dre222 said...

Ah, yes. Sleeping is also a commitment I take seriously. While I do welch on my sleeping hours, I did post all of my 12am-7am posts at midnight instead of waking up every hour ;)