- The Ultimate Address Book

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Finally, there’s an online source for storing all of your important addresses, phone numbers, etc. It’s called Plaxo. allows you to import your contacts from all of your email accounts and synchronize them. You can use it for Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and even AOL (requires AIM). Basically, you import all of your contacts into Plaxo online and then you can export them for use in other email applications or mailing lists. You can choose what information each of your contacts can view about you through the use of business and home contact cards. You can register multiple email addresses, so no matter what email someone has for you, they will be able to find your other contact information if you want them too. You can also just say that your info is up-to-date when someone requests your contact info. This lets you eliminate invalid email addresses from your contacts and manage how you view information.

Unlike other social networking sites, Plaxo doesn’t need you to create a page or find people you want to be able to contact. All it does is store information you may have in your cell phone, email accounts, and address book in one place. It also allows you to access this information online from anywhere.

If you haven’t tried Plaxo yet, you should check it out. Anyone who wants to get my contact info can contact me for the email address to use. I hope to get your info soon if I don’t already have it.


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