We go way back

6/2/06 4:15 AM 0 Comments

Well, before Blogger has its outage, I thought I'd sneak in one more post, since I haven't been blogging much the last couple of weeks. For good reason - it's been a busy couple of weeks.

Between learning new jobs, interviews, and physicals, I have also been entertaining. Let me introduce Belle and the Narcoleptic Monkey to the Pseudonym Crew. They were visiting lately and can be partially blamed for the lack of posts. (You just heard of Ape in the last post).

Ape and me go way back. Before the days of Pregremlin and Citizen, even before the widespread use of the internet. If someone had a mind to publish our adventures from back in the day, we wouldn't be famous, we'd be notorious. Let's just say that during some of my previous accounts of the past, Ape was probably there.

Belle and me also go way back (post 'net though). I was lucky enough to be her host for a weekend. Great times, tons of gossiping and catching up. She also saved me from a near-fatal tobacco accident. She has also inspired my first Flash movie and has instilled a sudden urge to visit Beantown.

The Narcoleptic Monkey is a new figure on my scene, although he has been muttering in the background for some time now. Meeting him and hanging while he was visiting Citizen was awesome. Rumor has it he may be relocating to a closer location in the future.

Anyway, that brings you up to speed on some new characters for the blog fodder, but what about some of the previously featured ones?

Pregremlin and me go back a ways and amazingly have been living together for over half of it. Hopefully one day I will become Mrs. Pregremlin and pygmy goats all over the world will rejoice. He's one seriously cool dude, although he's a slacker when it comes to blogs and such on any site besides BGG.

Citizen and I also go back a ways. We met over a menagerie and gradually passed the point where she one-night standed me when she stayed over. She is lively and quick-witted and occasionally contributes to this very blog (Kudos to her for doing so). Just don't let her see you mistreating aminals (deliberate misspelling)

Winch and I go back almost as far as Ape and me. He's livin' it up on the West Coast now finally doing what he should be. Although we often play extended games of phone tag, he's still good in my book. If you ever want to find out about unheard of cool music, he's your man.

The Shayster and me also go back some years and apparently are trying to travel the world (drunkenly) together. She has also relocated and enjoys a good game of phone tag. I'm crossing my fingers I'll see her before August, although I've heard the Keys are beautiful this time of year.

Another character not mentioned previously that I'll introduce now is Shoes. While his blog can be self-focused, he occasionally comes up with some good tidbits. (There's a link to it on the right) He describes me as his ex, which is acceptable, but hopefully one day it will be "blogger friend".

The last new character I'd like to introduce is Display. While she has not been mentioned, I believe she is an avid reader, and would like to give her props for subscribing. We also go back to the menagerie days with Citizen. She is a crazy cool chica - just try to keep her away from sugar and other stimulants. She can be hyper by nature and may OD if energized any further.

And who could forget Trevor Danger (TD) and Happy Fun Ball (HFB)? If it weren't for HFB showing me TD's blog I wouldn't have been inspired to create Shawed. Let me take this opportunity to pimp his blog H8FUELED. HFB is vocabulary inspiring, which is no surprise considering she's Pregremlin's sib. TD is rage-inspiring. If the US ever succumbs to anarchy, we'll know who started it.

That about sums up the Pseudonym Crew. For members, I hope you enjoyed my descriptions. For other readers, hopefully you now have a better understanding of the crew.

You can call me Dre or BBOTSS, depending on the presence of a bandolier.

PS Task Manager and I also go way back. We've been constant companions the last few weeks and are allies against burning up my CPU. TM gets a shout out for warning me when programs are not responding to my beck and call. (Yes, I spend enough time on my PC to consider an application an actual friend).


“If you don’t turn your life into a story, you just become a part of someone else’s story.” – The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents