Movie Making - Part 1

5/8/06 1:42 AM 0 Comments

I've decided to create a Flash movie featuring Black Beard of the Salt Sea. This movie is based on the short story "Black Beard in Boston" by Annie. To read the short story, check out Black Beard's Travel Logue & Tales (link on the right).

Right now the movie is in the production phase. I've completed 4 scenes and am in the process of working on the rest. The movie has no auditory dialogue (the characters speak in "cartoon bubbles"), but does have a soundtrack. Right now, I'm trying to feature songs by bands/artists that are just getting started. If anyone has any suggestions on some artists/bands to check out, I'd appreciate any and all comments. As of now, the Handsome Be Wonderfuls, Woody Whatever, and Dane (AKA Lens Dane) are in.

Right now the moive stands at about 3 minutes in length after about 16 hours of production time. Considering I'm writing the adapted screenplay, literally creating all of the costumes, shots, and actors, and mixing the soundtrack, I don't think that's too bad.

The movie will debut on Black Beard's Travel Logue & Tales, but no release date is set. Just wanted to post this info so everyone knows why I've been out of the loop and what my next project coming up will be.


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