Star Wars Fans - Read This!

4/30/06 2:36 PM 0 Comments

If you subscribe to HyperSpace (, read this and renew!

Dustin is officially backed by Shawed. He's a great guy and having him as Star Wars Fan Club president will benefit all Star Wars fans. He isn't in it for glory or fame, but because he loves Star Wars fans. He already works his butt off to provide fans with important information about upcoming merchandise and promotions on sites like and Show your thanks by helping him pull of a final push to the number one slot.

What can you do to help Dustin?

The Hyperspace recruitment drive contest ends May 15th. When signing up as a new Hyperspace member, renewing or extending your membership,
use this link to order. After purchase you will receive via email a Digital Access Code to use online to create or extend your subscription. The email you receive will have a link in it to the page on for managing your subscription. At that link, simply enter the Code and Dustin's email address "" as the referral. That's it!


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