Artists Review

2/28/06 8:19 PM 0 Comments

Normally, I don't like to do artist reviews, because I feel that art is very immersed in viewer response. By this I mean that everyone interprets artwork and the quality of artwork differently. HOWEVER, I have fairly recently been introduced to two outstanding artists and after getting to know them through board game play and other events, I feel that I should help promote them.

I reviewed each of their websites through links from a mutal friend, and I have to say that their abilities are outstanding. It is rare to find people with their level of talent in this area, so I am proud to link to their sites and encourage anyone reading this to take a few minutes and check out their work.

The Illustrated Art of John Miller

The Art of Amanda Morely

I am glad to see that the value of aesthetic work is not entirely lost in this generation.


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