Start biting your nails...

2/11/08 7:52 AM , , , 0 Comments

While I'm sitting here dreading going out into the sub-arctic temperatures that have descended today, I thought I'd give you all something to ponder and obsess over until it's safe to go outside - the ramifications of the WGA strike on the rest of the TV season.

While the writers and networks are scrambling to figure out what to do now that a tentative agreement has been reached, has a blog entry detailing what the future looks like for our favorite shows. For some fans, the news is good, as some episodes are slated to be written. filmed, and released before the end of the season. Many other fans will mourn as they find that their favorite shows are facing a fairly silent death as a result of the strike (or a future yet TBD). For the latest info on which shows are continuing and which are over now and forever (and which shows may need some saving in the next couple of months), check out this blog. Supposedly, it will be updated as more "official" announcements about these shows are released.

Personally, I lucked out because most of the shows I care about are all continuing until the renewal announcements that usually come in May. I'm still fearing for Reaper though, since it only has pre-strike episodes listed and an undetermined future. Of course, the strike is also going to affect the DVD sets of this season (many shows won't make it to the full 22 episodes before the season runs out). I'm just relieved that next season won't be entirely reality TV, at which point I would stop watching TV.

I'm going to crawl back under my rock now until I have something else worthy to report.


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