Halloween Reflections

Well, it looks like I managed to post on the first and last day of this month (since Blogger struggled on Blog Action Day and even though the post is there I don't count it), which is weird, but okay, I guess. It's Halloween today (for those living under a rock) and it's finally fall weather.

I remember back at the 'ole university that Halloween was the biggest weekend and the biggest event of the year. Since it's always been my favorite holiday, I was always up for the shenanigans during the big celebration. I guess the tradition rubbed off because I continue to want to celebrate Halloween by having costume parties.

This past weekend was the 2nd Annual Halloween Costume Party at our place and we had a great turnout. Everyone was willing to get dressed up and play along with our games and drink our free beer. It was great seeing old friends, and I hope they'll all come back next year when I've worked out the bugs and will have more time to spend with them. I honestly did make an effort to hang out with everyone, so I hope no one feels left out.

Other than a few rude and hurtful comments and scenes that I won't go into (but have been stewing on quite a bit), I think the party went pretty well. I'm already thinking about improvements for next year (which I need to do since I'll be de-decorating the house in the next couple of days). Right now, my biggest problem is what to do with the left-over food and beverages.

Anyway, thinking about Halloween always makes me think of the year I won best costume in my hometown parade. For years, I came up with ideas trying to win that stupid thing, and one of the last years I participated, I struck gold. My uncle has gone as Oscar the Grouch when he was younger and won first place and my grandma still had the silver trashcan he used in the basement. When I saw that, I thought, "Well, since I never win, I'll just go as trash". So I had my grandma help me attach a trash bag, paint my face brown, and staple real trash to the bag (banana peels, old milk cartons, and other not-so-gross objects). Lo and behold, the judges dug it and I won in my category. Technically I guess I went as recycling instead of trash, but no one really knew that, and to this day, I do not look at trash the same way. (Or the judges).

So, anyway, I hope you have enjoyed my Halloween ramblings and are having a Happy Halloween of your own.


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