Smoking Bans

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After reading some comments on fitness blogs about smokers and smoking bans, such as "I should go up and spray perfume in their face and eyes and see how they like it" and "I can't wait for all of them to die. They deserve it," I thought it might be time to weigh in on the issue slightly. I have posted about this topic before on my MySpace blog, but here I'm going to take a different approach.

I'd like to thank the geniuses that passed the smoking bans for the following reasons:

  1. I now completely understand discrimination and segregation from a personal perspective

  2. You have made it possible for me to find time to fit short workouts into my day because I now have to travel far, far away from buildings, restaurants, etc for my break

  3. I know that smoking is unhealthy (you've more than crammed that tidbit down everyone's throat)

  4. I understand that lungs are worth more to the general public than livers

  5. I understand now that bars are not meant to be abodes of debauchery, lechery, smoke and inebriation, but rather a family environment where folks go to feel healthy

  6. I know that harassment is justified in the case of smoking

  7. I realize that the true meaning of happiness is being able to eliminate everything you find slightly annoying or don't approve of because freedom is just a word

  8. You have made me see that inconclusive research works just as well as proven research when it comes to inciting a mob to take action

Thank you, thank you anti-smokers for showing me that "live and let live" is the coward's way out.


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