Music Surprises

8/30/07 5:00 AM , 0 Comments

Aw yes, another post about music. This time I wanted to share a couple of the most surprising changes to me in the progress of two bands.

Bad Surprise: O.A.R.

When O.A.R. released their first two albums independently, they showed potential (at least for creating more catchy modern drinking songs). When they were picked up by a major label, their sound completely changed and became total crap. I thought getting a record deal normally improved a band's sound.

Good Surprise: Muse

When I first saw Muse, they were opening for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers because the Foo Fighters had to cancel out of the show (Dave Grohl apparently can't handle his own partying from time to time). They pretty much sucked that night (of course my FF anger may have helped bias my opinion). Imagine my surprise when I heard them again years later and actaully enjoyed their music.

Just goes to show that all bands deserve at least two listens during their career.


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