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I know I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel here because when I've been trying to come up with the last few posts, I've almost been a victim of writer's block.

Anyway, Adidas without a doubt in my mind makes the best running shoes there are. I say this having been an avid runner in my earlier years. My freshman year of HS, I bought a pair of Adidas cross-trainers for track practice. Those suckers lasted until the end of my first year at OU (which any alum can tell you is a LOT of walking). Since then I have only bought 3 other pairs of tennis shoes and they have been Adidas. The second pair lasted the next 3 yrs at OU plus one more year and the 3rd pair lasted 4 years and counting (they are now my "work" tennis shoes). I just got my 4th pair for Christmas and I imagine I won't need another pair for 5 years or until they are too dingy to wear in public - whichever comes first. So if you're in the market for a pair of high quality shoes that will hold up, go with Adidas.


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