Ghost Hunters + TV Tidbits

Ghost hunters cast

Last week was the first episode in the second half of season 3 of Ghost Hunters. The team returned in style with another abroad (Ireland/England) hunt. I won't ruin the findings for those who are fans, but let's just say they did capture some eery and impressive footage. Late breaking news on the show's cast is that Brian Harnois has announced via his MySpace blog that he and TAPS have parted ways.

This was also confirmed on Jason Hawes' MySpace blog. The likely culprit is a couple of new additions to the Harnois family, which is totally understandable. Both sides are being very respectful about the circumstances surrounding the split. Fans will have to make due without his random comments, like "Dude run!", and will need to come to grips with saying goodbye to the only Ghost Hunter to actually run from a ghost so far. Also departing are Donna LaCroix, Lisa Dowaliby, and Paula Donovan. Who they're going to have working for them now, I have no clue.

In other news, Robot Chicken has released a new video trailer for their upcoming Star Wars special. This trailer features a portion of the George Lucas in therapy segemnt that was also aired during their panel at CIV. You can view the trailer here:

The Hills

One last bit of info I ran across in the last couple of days concerns MTV's The Hills. For those who don't know, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt recently got engaged in real life and apparently Heidi has been crashing scene shootings with Lauren Conrad. According to, Heidi apparently thinks that her best chance for screen time in season 3 is to be in as many scenes with Lauren as possible. Supposedly Lauren threw a fit after the last few shootings were crashed. Looks like season 3 will be interesting just to see how Lauren reacts to the engagement news.


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