Master Replicas Poops on Celebration IV

Well, after the Lucasfilm licensing fell through for Corgi/Master Replicas, they have done everything in their power to poop on Star Wars Celebration IV, which is Lucasfilm's biggest US event this year.

First came the annoucement that the licensing for Lucasfilm properties was not renewed due to a dispute between Corgi/MR and Lucasfilm concerning licensing fees and other provisions. Now, I do applaud Corgi/MR for standing up to Lucasfilm, but at the same time, they had to realize that Uncle George has been licensing his way since the beginning. Personally I think Corgi/MR must not have a clue when it comes to the Star Wars franchise. Yes, they have other licensing properties, but none as wide-spread and successful as the Star Wars licensing. While Master Replicas did create one of the coolest pieces of Star Wars merchandise out there, the Force FX sabers, I think they may be having delusions of granduer if they think that no one else can step in and produce the same kinds of products as well as they do.

After all of this drama and turmoil went to press, MR announced that they would not be having a booth at CIV. Understandable, but definitely a poop. They were scheduled to be selling 2 convention exclusives and announced that those would not be available. They were also planning a huge Force FX combat trial event, which has now been moved to Henson Studios in conjunction with their Collector's Society party. This combination means that what was once going to be a fun event for all to witness will now be seen by a select few and their chosen 1 guest a piece. Don't even get me started on these manufacturers who have fee-based guilds. (Sorry, but paying extra to buy more stuff is the biggest shaft up the hole since Fast Passes were invented at amusement parks).

Now this brings us to the question of when these items formerly listed as "Celebration IV exclusives" are going to be sold. Today MR released this information and I'm sure that many collectors are not happy about it. The are selling to Collector's Society members on Tuesday and everyone else can try to log on at 9 PST on the Fan Club day for CIV. Brilliant poop. Make sure you make it nearly impossible for the most hardcore fans to buy these collectibles. Shame on you Master Replicas for taking your petty revenge out on the wrong people!


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