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Well, folks, after a small sabbatical (two postings and already a sabbatical? Man, am I an elitist), I am back with more of your friendly neighborhood Dorky comic news.

Hmmmm, I guess with the Spidey reference in the previous sentence, you all should have a good guess as to my topic of discussion, and that being the lack of political structure in Iraq. HAHAHAHAHA whoa, *phew,* sigh to indicate that it wasn’t that funny, okay, continue.

Spider-Man 3. I liked it. A lot of people didn’t. You know what? Don’t care. Here’s why: Venom. I’ve wanted to see Venom as the villain since May 3rd, 2002. That’s the day after the first movie came out. (and for all of you who were wondering, yes, I did in fact take the day off work and saw it twice). I got Venom in this one. The rest of it to me is pretty inconsequential. Sure, they may have tried to put too much into this movie. But here’s the thing that most non-comic fans don’t understand. If you pick up a comic and read it, that’s what it is. The writers and artists try there damndest to get as much action and decent dialogue in as possible to get the reader hooked. That’s what they did with this movie. Could it have been done a little better, possibly. Could I have done a better job? Heck no. I leave that to the professionals. My last note on Spidey 3 for all the naysayers: Imagine if the black Spidey suit had nipples on it. Hmmm? The movie doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?

Still wishing Joel Schumacher dies a slow painful death for almost ruining the Batman movie franchise, this has been the D-train with your Dorky Comic News. Next Time, I will give you a profile on what I buy, and why you all should start. Laters!


“If you don’t turn your life into a story, you just become a part of someone else’s story.” – The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents


dre222 said...

I agree. Spidey 3 pretty much ruled. There was one hiccup that my personal comic movie critic didn't like, but I thought that was okay since they were hurrying to wrap that line up. This one definitely had a lot more action and was more of a true "comic" movie than the first 2. Thank god Nolan was able to make Batman movies cool again.