The Force-Cast on No Disintegrations

No Disintegrations readers can tune in to the Force-Cast right on this page. If you enjoy Star Wars, or just good quality podcasts, you'll like this one. Sometimes you can't always download a podcast (like when you're at work), Now, with the new standalone player in our sidebar, you can listen to the Force-Cast without the need to download the episode.

The Force-Cast reviews Star Wars news, rumors and updates. This is the official podacast of and - two of the best Star Wars news sites out there.

I recently began tuning into the Force-Cast in order to stay on top of Celebration IV news. Now I'm hooked and listening to back episodes. Jason and Peter are great hosts and they don't take themselves or this show too seriously. It's a good choice for folks with a long commute. Check it out now by using the player located in our sidebar.


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