WWF March News

The March newsletter from the WWF is now available. This month's stories of interest include the discovery that the clouded leopard of Borneo is actually a different species from the clouded leopard in mainland Southeast Asia.

There is also news about the recent trend of rivers starting to dry up. They compiled a Top 10 List of rivers at risk, and in the U.S., the Rio Grande made the list. Of the 10 rivers listed, only 3 are at risk due to natural causes, such as climate change and invasive species. The other 7 rivers are all at risk due to man-made causes, such as infrastructure, water over-extraction, over-fishing, and pollution.

Also, Earth Day is a month from today (April 22), and WWF is trying to get people to make a commitment to change. They are asking everyone to go to here and share what they are doing to make a change. You can also see what changes others have pledged to make and donate directly to WWF.

For more on these stories, go to: http://wwf.worldwildlife.org/site/MessageViewer?em_id=5861.1&dlv_id=8723&JServSessionIdr004=y3zkuj7dn1.app5b


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