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If you're still on the edge of your seat about Christian Slater from a few posts ago, my theory is that Jonathan Taylor Thomas is his illegitimate child or something. Check out Jon (he hates being referred to as "JTT", the pompous ass) in Smallville or Veronica Mars if you have no clue what I'm rambling about. He's like a mini-CS, including smug facial expressions and phrasing.


Today I saw a car with a bumper sticker that read, "Please don't put my flag on your foreign car." The sentiment is obviously trying to support American automotive manufacturers, but the truth behind the statement is pretty outdated. Considering we are now moving toward a global economy, people should take a few minutes and do some research about where and how things, such as vehicles, are actually being made. While many automobile companies could be considered foreign at first glance due to their corporate headquarters being in a foreign country, most are actually multinational so that we, the consumer, can get a better deal on a new ride. I used to work for a company that manufacturer automotive parts. While most of our business was supplying the Big Three, we also made parts for several "foreign" companies as well. So just remember that even though the name may be that of a "foreign" car, there's a good chance that many of the actual parts were manufactured right here in the good ole USA.


Another thing that has been bothering me for the last decade and continues to escalate is the trend in "fixing" our countries problems by introducing more laws. We are now legislating what people can and cannot eat. In the past these types of laws were disguised by saying that certain foods were banned due to health concerns (contamination by illness inducing organisms). Now we're just saying, "Hey, the country's fat and stupid. We'll never be able to take care of the stupid, so let's try to make it impossible for people to be fat." Since when did trans-fat instantly kill the population? Sure it's not great for you, but it's not a psycho killer lurking to get you the minute you put a fry in your mouth. This basically comes down to personal choice. There are SO many ways to acquire food in the country it's ridiculous, but we have to legislate to make sure that people are making "healthy" choices. Let people eat what they want and quit minimizing personal freedoms and choice.

Will people ever learn that democracy is actually just a tyranny of the majority? Will someone finally point out to all of our citizens that our country is not based on democracy anyway, but rather capitalism? Will all this cause the US to lose its moniker as "Home of the Free" and instead become "Home of Legislated Choices"? Will the Preamble change to "We the consumers, of the United States of America..."?

Find out next time. Same blog time, same blog channel.


Amazon is now offering downloads of 5 episodes of The State. Anyone who remembers enjoying this show should be excited because this probably means a DVD is in the works at some point.


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